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Gabby Avalos

Gabby Avalos is a professional Fine Art artist from Chandler, Arizona. She has sold over 90 paintings in last year and half. Her art works are in private collections all around the world and throughout the United States. She is known for her use of colors and the way she connects to her paintings. She graduated from the Milan Art Institute, where she learned many new techniques and skills that she still utilizes today. 

Through her bold and eccentric colors, Avalos strives to connect the audience on a deeper level with each piece, by bridging the gaps between reality and their desires, emboldening to transform. Avalos talks about her use of color, “Color can cause a deep emotional reaction and take down the biggest walls with one glance. Color ignites the depths of your soul.” Avalos’s art takes you to a higher level. But we can also say that her Mexican American heritage has greatly influenced her art. Avalos says, “I believe my love of color is rooted in the Mexican culture.” She loves to travel to Guadalajara, which is close to her Dad’s hometown.

Avalos’s Arizona studio is prolific and is always keeping up with commissions. It has huge windows that let the natural light shine in so she can apply the perfect shade of color with each brushstroke.

Avalos will continue to inspire, connect, and empower with her art. Her artwork will be featured at Red Dot Miami 2021 during Art Basel Week at Ralwins Art Gallery’s booth. She is an artist to follow closely as her talent, dedication and drive will take her far in the industry.

"Becoming"  -  Gabby Avalos

“You are powerful. You are unique. You have a spirit that ignites this world. You are capable. You are worthy. You are loved. You are beyond beautiful. Today I hope you let these affirmations really sink in because in a very cruel world where we can be so divided, I want to remind you there is goodness. There is justice. There is an overflowing amount of peace. You were born for more so live your best life reaching for the most magical galaxies.”

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